Colorado's Best One Man Band entertainment Music By Gary Lee, Denver CO
(C) 2021 gary lee sattazahn
Music by Gary Lee  
features the 
MORRISON Digital Trumpet

This solo instrument can be made to sound like a trumpet, muted trumpet, sax, clarinet, trombone, harmonica, accordion, whistle or many 
other instruments, and is 
played to professional background accompaniments,
for a truly unique experience!
Meet the Artist -

A former public school music teacher and computer programmer, Gary has been involved in music  performance and entertainment his entire life. 

Gary currently gives nearly 200 live digital trumpet performances each year while continuing to pursue his passion for writing and arranging music in many styles and genres. His music has been used for cable TV shows, web sites, TV commercials, and a video game. He has also directed and written music for band, church, and bell choirs.

In addition, Gary owns and operates the novelty music label, AniMelodies®, which creates whimsical CDs with real birds and animals 'singing' the melodies to well known songs and classical compositions.
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